EdX founder – sheer numbers means MOOCs will stay relevant

An innovator who is changing the face of higher education as we know it will speak Wednesday at Purdue University, Boiler Station reports.

Anant Agarwal is founder and president of edX, a nonprofit venture that specializes in open-source education solutions, including massive open online courses — or MOOCs. Agarwal, an engineering and computer science professor at MIT, will present a lecture called “Reinventing Education” as part of Purdue’s Presidential Lecture Series.

When edX was founded as an open-source entity by MIT and Harvard University in 2012, the mission was to increase access to high-quality education, regardless of students’ income or education level. Agarwal’s first edX course on circuits and electronics drew 155,000 students from 162 countries.

Agarwal’s talk, and edX’s success, comes at a time when brick-and-mortar higher education institutions are trying to remain relevant to students who have an ever-increasing number of higher education options.

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eCampus News Staff

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