Is this the Netflix for student college searches?

PossibilityU also features a 10-hour blended-learning video curriculum created to help students and parents become better consumers of higher education. There are also project management dashboards to help students and their mentors make great choices about choosing and financing college.

“College recommendations are different from any other project we’ve taken on at GroupLens. This is the kind of project we love—one where research potential is large, multifaceted and one where the outcomes work toward a social good” said Dr. Konstan, co-director of the GroupLens lab.

The GroupLens lab was one of the first to study automated recommender systems with the construction of the “GroupLens” recommender, a Usenet article recommendation engine, and MovieLens, a popular movie recommendation site used to study recommendation engines, tagging systems, and user interfaces.

The lab has also gained notability for its members’ work studying open content communities such as Wikipedia and Cyclopath, a computational “geowiki” currently being used in the Twin Cities to help plan the regional cycling system.

“By closely studying how user experience, recommendations, and collaboration between students and their mentors work together online we’ll be in better position to help scale the work that great college counselors do,” said Betsy Peters, CEO of PossibilityU

PossibilityU is actively seeking schools and other student serving organizations interested in participating in this research beginning in Fall 2014. For more information contact or call 855-480-9126.

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