Google Glass journalism course coming to USC

Students will create and launch news apps for Google Glass

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A new course to be taught at the University of Southern California will ask students to find ways for journalists to take advantage of Google Glass.

The course, which is called Glass Journalism, will begin this fall.

“In this class we’re not talking about the future of journalism,” Robert Hernandez, the course’s professor, wrote on his Tumblr blog. “We’re building it.”

Glass is a type of wearable computer developed by Google. A head-mounted display sits in front of the user’s right eye, allowing for voice-commanded access to the internet, a camera, and other applications.

Hernandez, a well-known digital journalist, is one of a select few who were allowed to purchase an early version of the device through a Google Glass Explorer program.

“It’s pretty cool, but, for me, it’s not going to replace broadcast equipment,” Hernandez said in a video, partially recorded with Google Glass and posted to YouTube. “It does offer really cool access to unique experiences.”

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