Entertainment devices draining campus wi-fi

Entertainment devices like Nintendo 3DS systems increased by 1,000 percent in one year on college campuses, new study says

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Wi-fi-connected devices on college campuses have more than tripled since last year, with entertainment devices far outpacing the increases in tablets and smartphones, a new report said.

Smart TVs and Nintendo 3DS systems increased more than 1,000 percent between 2012 and 2013, a study conducted by residential network provider Apogee found. The study is based on a comparison of network demand data on Apogee’s client campuses.

Entertainment devices are proving to be a massive drain on campus networks as colleges and universities race to meet constantly growing bandwidth demands.

“With the threefold growth we’re seeing, continually meeting wireless demands can be a huge strain for colleges and universities,” said Chuck Brady, Apogee CEO. “Educational institutions that anticipate, and plan ahead while leveraging partners and resources are in a good position to meet growing challenges in performance, security, and budget.”

But even those institutions who do plan ahead have often found themselves fighting an uphill battle as the use of mobile devices has exploded across college campuses. Tablets, phones, and computers are often the main drain on college networks.

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