Amish country gets a murderous MOOC

Erie, Pa. gains fame over its ‘Pizza Bomber’ MOOC

MOOC-Gannon-bomberThe pizza bomber case made national headlines, inspired a book, and was the subject of several television news programs and documentaries. Now, it’s the focus of an online course being offered by Gannon University, the only MOOC offered in Erie, Pa.

“Investigative Concepts: FBI Major Case #203 ‘Pizza Bomber‘” is the first Massive Open Online Course, or MOOC, being offered by any local college or university.

Taught by Gannon faculty member and retired FBI Special Agent Jerry Clark, the lead investigator on the case, the six-week course covers some of the same subject matter Clark teaches in a traditional, on-campus class for credit.

The difference is twofold: Anyone with interest in the case can enroll, for free, and students do not earn any college credits.

The class has put Gannon on the map in a new way, said Tex Brieger, director of distance education.

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