Kahrds – you learn exactly what you need by playing games based on your specifications!

Playing games, especially when it involves any type of electronic device, is very appealing to today’s generation – that is a fact known to all of us! Unfortunately, there are too many game based websites or apps that are not productive in any way, conducive to learning or benefiting us or our children in an educational manner.

Kahrds is also about playing games but it is developed to benefit everyone that uses it from an educational stand point. It not only provides its users with games and fun but also presents them with a great way of retaining the necessary knowledge much quicker than traditional study methods do and saves hours of study time.

Kahrds is a new learning tool that is quickly gaining popularity among teachers and students all over the world. Kahrds.com is an interactive learning website for all subjects and levels – YOU create your own study sets based on the information YOU need to learn and the system generates games (crossword puzzle, hangman, quick type…), flash cards and tests based on what you entered.

The goal of Kahrds is to provide teachers with a tool that will make their students’ learning efforts more effective and fun. It also gives teachers more time for hands on or project like activities.

This tool is designed for students of all backgrounds and future goals. They choose a game that best suits their individual learning style or switch between different game options to keep the learning process interesting.

To gain more understanding of how a study set can be put into use please go to: http://www.kahrds.com/en/about
The video on this page shows how a previously created set containing “A adjectives” can be used to learn these terms through various games!

You can be assured that spending time on Kahrds.com will not only be fun but will benefit you no matter if you are a teacher, parent or student!

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