3. Tower

Tower App Development, Inc. a San Diego-based software company, will soon launch their mobile app—Tower—that is set to re-write how the world interacts on social networks.

According to the company, Tower completely deconstructed current social media apps and sites, identified weaknesses in each network, and “designed an app with user-centric features that will guarantee a more ‘natural’ feel to a social network as well as provide a lasting, enjoyable social experience.”

Using the app as a way to interest prospective students is just one way colleges and universities can use it, since Tower is a mobile application that connects users with the people in their residential building, dorms, neighborhoods, book clubs, et cetera.

“Wherever you are, you are connected,” said the company in a statement. The app could also be used to connect faculty and admin in various departments.

“Traditional social networks, like Facebook, Google+, SnapChat, and Instagram…roll-out feature and privacy updates that neither address users’ demands nor make their users’ social network experience any more enjoyable,” said the company.

The Tower app identified and addressed these user demands by developing a social network infrastructure that is centered around privacy control complete customize—each user can control their social environment.

The app will be available for free this Summer 2014 for Apple and Android.

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Tower App Usage V1 from Tower on Vimeo.

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