8 ways this technology can save time across all departments

Embracing paperless systems technology can increase efficiency and keep costs down.

technologyPaper is not only expensive to purchase, with indirect materials like postage and printer ink increasing that cost up to tenfold, but paper-based systems can also tax on time and efficiency.

When files are lost or accidentally thrown away, there is the additional expense of recovering that data or losing recruitment opportunities.

Many colleges and universities are turning to online form builders to collect and manage sensitive information. Online form apps like Wufoo, Formstack, and Jotform give higher education employees the ability to quickly create secure web forms, usually without any coding knowledge required.

Because they eliminate paperwork both in and out of the classroom, online forms are a time-saving solution for administrators and educators alike.

Workplace efficiency for administrators

Whether used in admissions or human resources, online forms are an essential part of a college or university’s website. Online form builders simplify the process of form creation, data collection, and management.

1. Web Development. Many IT departments are inundated with requests for online forms, which require meticulous coding and can add hours of work. Since most institutions have thousands of web pages to maintain, some IT departments flat-out refuse to accept form requests at all. Online form builders offer a simple, code-free solution that allows web developers—and code-phobics—to create functional online forms in minutes. Even more, forms created through these tools are usually published mobile-ready, which means no pinching or zooming on your user’s end.

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