Community helps makes smarter software decisions

SoftwarePhD is a new community for higher-ed professionals that seeks to change the lack of objective user reviews

community-user-reviewLooking for reviews of the latest smartphone? CNET has your back. Wondering how well that new stapler for the office will hold up? Look no further than Amazon.

However, if you are considering a new Student Information System (SIS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Learning Management System (LMS) for your campus, you’ll be hard-pressed to find much of anything in the way of objective user experiences or reviews.

SoftwarePhD is a new community for higher education professionals that is seeking to change this deficiency.

The community allows members to share real-life experiences and reviews of the software they are using as well as a forum for entering into dialogue with other institutions on any topic that is software related. Judging by the explosive growth of the community’s membership over the first two months it seems that the idea has struck a nerve and revealed a pent-up desire among higher education professionals for more collaboration.

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