eCampus News staff recommends following these prolific Twitter users for unique insights in higher education and technology

twitter-higher-educationWhether you already have a passion for education technology and are just looking for more sources of information, or if you are just beginning to take interest in higher education technology, there is always new information to learn.

Fortunately, education technology experts flood Twitter with new content everyday; however, with so much information it can be hard to decide who is best to follow. So once you have followed @eCampusNews check out some of these essential ed-tech influencers to stay up-to-date with the latest ed-tech news:

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Shelly Terrell’s Twitter focuses on K12; however, much of the content she promotes can also be applied to higher education. As founder of the 30 goals challenge for teachers and of the #Edchat twitter chat, Terrell’s has a strong presence in the world of education technology. For more information about MOOCs and flipped classrooms follow Terrell’s twitter below.

David Miller shares his knowledge of education with a focus on computer science and gamification. As the Director of Learning at Kuato Studios, works to blend gaming and AI with education tools to create programs that will engage students and keep them interested in learning. For more on gamification in education and tips for learning coding check out Miller’s Twitter feed.

Brian Kotts’s Twitter feed (@ieducator) is filled to the brim with useful education technology knowledge on a range of topics including Big Data, eBooks and MOOCs. For a summary of education technology news, after you have read eCampus News of course, check out @ieducator for the latest on MOOCs, big data and more.

Kevin Corbett is an eLearning program developer and strong supporter of gamification — one of education technology’s hottest new trends. If you are looking for more information about how games, social media, and digital content affect learning Corbett’s twitter is must follow.

Jeff Selingo, author of College (Un)Bound, posts about higher education and technology innovation daily. Selingo focuses on innovative practices in higher education and the effects those practices have on students and faculties of universities. Don’t miss Selingo’s latest thoughts on innovation in higher education.

Peter Sclafani is an editorial intern at eCampus News.

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