Will online learning replace the classroom?

In a time when most American toddlers are as comfortable with a touchscreen as with a crayon, one would be remiss to think that the current classroom-based model of education will survive as is, The Huffington Post reports.

Change is most evident in higher education, where massive open online courses (MOOCs) account for a growing share of academic content, but exactly how much disruption can we expect from online learning?

Web-based education technology has seen both promising and lackluster results in terms of adoption and course completion rates; however, online education proponents assure us that the traditional classroom is on the cusp of a dramatic change.

The imminent IPO of 2U, an online education company that partners with colleges and universities, is a vote of confidence for the ed tech space. Filing to raise up to $100 million, 2U’s primary underwriters include Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse. 2U already partners with such reputable institutions as Berkeley, USC, Georgetown and American University, remotely offering “online learning experiences that match or exceed the quality and rigor found on campus.”

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