Adobe offers powerful software for video presentations

Adobe Presenter 9 makes it easy to capture and edit video for online and flipped learning

adobe-presenter-9Adobe Systems has upgraded its Presenter software for creating presentations to use in eLearning, online training, flipped classrooms, and other video communications. The latest version, Adobe Presenter 9, includes new annotation and accessibility features that should appeal to educators.

Adobe Presenter 9 makes it easy to create professional-quality videos by capturing yourself and your screen with just a few clicks. You can edit your videos with a simple, four-button interface; embed quizzes and surveys into videos; and track student progress. You can also publish your videos to YouTube and elsewhere with a single click.

“Adobe Presenter is a great tool for eLearning, because it’s so simple to use,” said Richard Jenkins, Adobe solutions consultant, in a video about the new software. “One click [and] you’re creating quizzes, surveys, and fantastic eLearning video. … We’ve made it much, much easier to do very powerful eLearning through drag and drop.”

With Adobe Presenter software, you can take existing PowerPoint presentations and turn them into dynamic video content, adding animated photos or diagrams to capture students’ attention. New to Presenter 9 is an annotation feature that lets you call attention to information contained in a slide by highlighting or annotating it as you’re recording.

A feature called “Learner Interventions” lets you track student progress using a dashboard with data analytics. For instance, you can see the percentage of activities (such as videos or quizzes assigned) that have been completed or need attention for individual students or the class as a whole; with a glance, you can also see the percentage of students who answered each question correctly or incorrectly.

Another new feature in Adobe Presenter 9 is the ability to create closed captioning for videos automatically, by pasting your script into the video creation tool. The software also includes support for viewing presentations with mobile devices.

Adobe Presenter 9 works with Windows computers. It regularly sells for $499, but educators can buy the software for $150 per license—with volume discounts also available.

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