City College of San Francisco Partners with Ellucian to Strengthen Services and Help Retain Accreditation

FAIRFAX, Va. – March 10, 2014 – City College of San Francisco expects to make great strides in improving student services by partnering with Ellucian®; a critical step that could help the college retain its accreditation. Ellucian is providing on-site technical expertise and support to help make processes at the college more efficient and productive. The company also is providing 24/7 help desk support for the college’s 90,000 students.

Deep cuts in funding and lean IT staffing have created an environment where City College staff are not leveraging the capabilities of their administrative systems to serve students optimally. Instead, they rely on manual and inefficient processes that increase operational issues and costs, and negatively impact student services. In addition, City College students have not had access to help desk support to help them connect to and use the college’s academic or administrative services.

To address both challenges, Ellucian will provide 24/7 help desk support for students, faculty, and staff as well as six onsite staff members, including an enterprise applications director, to run Banner® by Ellucian and associated applications, and to provide support to improve administrative operations, including student services. City College also contracted for Ellucian Application Management Services to provide day-to-day management of Banner, Banner Document Management, and Banner Workflow software and their associated operating systems and database environments. The Ellucian team will work closely with City College’s new chief technology officer.

“We recognize that our core services need improvement,” said Ron Gerhard, vice chancellor of Finance and Administration, City College of San Francisco. “We are partnering with Ellucian to get us on the right path to using best practices in Banner to streamline the processes for our students to enroll, receive financial aid, develop educational plans, and accomplish other administrative tasks. This progress is important to our students’ success and to meeting the requirements of the accrediting agency. Our partnership with Ellucian is one of many critical steps we are taking to retain our accreditation.”

“We are eager to help City College use Banner in the most productive way possible to better serve their students and to move the college forward in pursuit of maintaining its accreditation,” said Mike Wallesen, senior vice president and chief services officer of Ellucian.

About City College of San Francisco
CCSF was founded in 1935 in response to demand for a public institution to serve both the academic and vocational needs of students as an integral part of San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD). Beginning with the opening of the Science Hall in 1940, and with federal and state grants, the College expanded and built many new buildings during the1950s and 1960s. In 1970, the College separated from SFUSD. With rapid growth, the College District subsequently formed two separate divisions: one for credit courses on its 56-acre Ocean Campus and another for noncredit courses offered at sites throughout San Francisco. The two divisions merged in 1990 into a single City College of San Francisco.
With approved bond measures in 1997, 2001, and 2005 totaling $491.3million, the College renovated, expanded, and developed new buildings and facilities throughout San Francisco. The College currently serves over 85,000 students (credit and noncredit) through its Ocean Campus, and nine centers and a multitude of neighborhood sites located throughout the city.

About Ellucian
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