The President’s 2015 budget proposal for education

President Obama has released his 2015 budget proposal for education, including $200 million toward increasing the use technology by teachers and instructors. The U.S. Department of Education writes:

“America’s public schools strive to offer a path to the middle class for children from hard-working families in every community, particularly those living in poverty. Yet too many students lack access to the education and supports that make the journey to the middle class possible. The Obama administration is committed to ensuring equity of opportunity for every child.

In President Obama’s first term, the administration helped to unleash innovation at the state and local levels, in part through competitive funds that achieved extraordinary “bang for the buck” in driving positive change with public dollars. This happened even as the administration maintained strong support for formula grant programs, which make up the vast majority of the budget, and are focused on the most vulnerable students.

The nation’s schools, teachers, and students have made significant gains. These include the highest high school graduation rate in American history, an increase of nearly 50 percent in the number of students accessing higher education on Pell Grants, a major increase in the number of minority students in college, and sharp cuts in the dropout rate, especially for Hispanic and low-income students.”

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