Campus IT departments will need to master a wide range of new skills and tools in order to take full advantage of innovative mobile technologies in the coming years.

campusIn a blog post last week, Nick Jones, vice president of Gartner, pointed out essential skills and tools IT departments worldwide will have to master if they hope to remain ahead of the mobile technology curve.

Multiplatform/multiarchitecture application development tools

Picking and choosing which operating systems to develop for is no longer an option. Accessibility on all platforms is essential, and according to Jones organizations will need new development tools that support Andriod, iOS and Windows. IT teams will also need to balance technical and nontechnical issues, “such as such as productivity versus vendor stability,” in order to support three architectures – native, hybrid, and mobile.

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HTML5 – the next step in HTML the main markup language used to create webpages — is not as easy to use for mobile development due to security and implementation risks. Despite its current problems, as HTML5 becomes more popular among web developers it will become an “essential technology for organizations delivering applications across multiple platforms.”

Advanced mobile user experience design

Who wants boring apps? New mobile apps will have to deliver user experiences with well-designed, interactive interfaces, which consumers have come to expect. Top consumer apps have set high standard for interface and interaction, campus IT needs to live up to consumers’ high expectations.