The average cost of an online bachelor’s degree is now more expensive than many face-to-face bachelor’s degrees.

online-college-degreeExamining data from nearly 700 colleges and universities in the Peterson’s Distance Learning Database, Hanover Research found that the average cost of an online bachelor’s degree in the United States is $43,477.

According to the College Board, the average cost of a face-to-face bachelor’s degree for an in-state student at a public university is just more than $35,000. Neither cost accounts for deductions due to financial aid, however.

“Our analysis serves to provide a useful base through which to outline the current types of degrees offered online, the most popular subject fields, and tuition rates,” Gretchen Novak, Hanover Research’s chief marketing officer, said in announcing the findings.

The 699 institutions examined by Hanover offer almost 9,000 online certificates and degree programs, the researchers said.

Many of the programs were offered by public non-profit colleges and universities.

The average cost of an online master’s degree program was $21,959, less than half of what it costs to earn a bachelor’s.

This is not too far from the College Board’s estimate for the average public, face-to-face master’s degree, which costs around $15,000 to $20,000, depending on the length of the program.