Gartner research VP Frank Buytendijk has called on organisations to be prepared to put the brakes on complex, high-level data analytics and get the basics right before the practice gets out of control and they cross the ‘creepy line,’ CIO reports.

Netherlands-based Buytendijk – who was speaking on Monday morning at Gartner’s Business Intelligence Summit in Sydney – warned that taking steps to correctly implement predictive and descriptive analytics is not easy and organisations should take care when using tools.

“It’s easy to use tools [but that] will not lead to better decisions. If you don’t know what you are doing, easy to use tools lead to more spectacular failure,” Buytendijk told attendees.

He cited Gartner research which suggests that by 2016, around 25 per cent of organisations using consumer data will face reputation damage due to an inadequate understanding of information trust issues.

“Big data is at the top of the hype cycle but after that peak of inflated expectation comes the trough of disillusionment … what if the tipping point becomes the slipping point?

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