If you’ve seen any indication that humans are getting smarter and more sophisticated, please inform me, and you don’t have to read what follows, Silicon Angle reports. For everyone else, who sees no lack of stupidity and misinformation in both business and public life, read on about the joys big data will bring.

But, first, a quick pass down the vitamin aisle at the local Whole Paycheck. Over the past 25 or so years, I’ve taken megadoses, added fish oil, added CQ-10, subtracted megadoses, added smaller doses, switched to a one-a-day, all basing my decisions on what seemed like the best available data at the time.

It’s a bit like cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, where the American Heart Association had us doing it very much wrong for decades, at least if you believe that current and drastically different CPR protocols are saving lives that would have been previously lost. Which they are.

… When thinking of Big Data, I sometimes also think about the warning, often improperly attributed to Mark Twain, that “figures don’t lie, but liars figure” and to my general belief that most people lack the consistent ability to analyze the information presented to them and take the proper action.

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