Will LinkedIn lose relevancy by imitating Facebook?

Is LinkedIn, which has aggressively courted prospective college students over the past year, becoming just another content sharing platform?

linkedin-imitating-facebookTo prevent further decline in traffic, LinkedIn, the popular professional networking service, will imitate Facebook’s successful content sharing platform.

With a consecutive quarterly dip in page views, LinkedIn now wants all of its users to share content like Facebook, including pictures and links.

This exclusive privilege was previously reserved only for A-list entrepreneurs.

Colleges and universities use LinkedIn as source to help educate high school students on applying to schools.

eCampus News editorial contributor Jaccii Barmer explains how in August 2013, LinkedIn created University Pages to serve as a channel for students to learn more about the university experience as well as gain insights on where alumni work.

However, if LinkedIn is more interested in encouraging members to share content just like users do on other social media platforms, will it be able to sustain its reputation as a reliable source for professional networking and career advice?

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