Prepfoleo Launches Online Network of Academic and Career Resources

Newark, N.J. (Feb. 12, 2014) – As parents seek assistance in providing their children with the right educational materials, and students determine the academic and career paths on which they wish to embark, being able to draw on the resources and experiences of others is a critical advantage. Prepfoleo, the network to discover, organize and share the keys to academic and career success, launches today to connect students and parents with professionals to put them on the path to success.

“Our mission is to develop, guide and inspire the next generation of professionals,” said Solomon Steplight, founder of Prepfoleo. “Never before have parents and students been able to easily access a network of top professionals for the sole purpose of utilizing the resources that shaped them into the successful individuals they are today.”

The free online community offers students and parents a catalog of resources curated by top-level professionals, identified as PrepPros, and parents looking for the best educational content for their children. PrepPros are personally selected by the Prepfoleo team based on the individual’s occupation, experience and the value of the materials they share with the community.

“As a PrepPro, I can provide guidance to thousands of students and parents, by sharing the materials that helped put me on the path to success,” said Dr. Marni Betlow, adolescent therapist and PrepPro. “This growing community will be an invaluable resource for the students I serve and anyone looking for assistance in determining their academic and career goals.”

Becoming a PrepPro offers professionals an opportunity to showcase their achievements and share educational resources that contributed to their success. Prepfoleo gives professionals the capacity to mentor thousands of students and help put them on the right career path. PrepPros also enjoy access to a worldwide community where they may expand their network by connecting with other likeminded professionals

About Prepfoleo
Prepfoleo is an online network of academic and career resources for parents, students and professionals. Parents pull together content from a variety of vetted sources to help students explore their interests further. Professionals offer guidance to thousands of students at once by providing materials to put them on the path to success. Students learn from the best content available online to prepare themselves for college and beyond. For more information visit,

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