For-profit college entrepreneur shifts to MOOCsMichael K. Clifford, a longtime powerhouse in the for-profit college industry, has launched a website offering 27 courses that can lead to college credits, similar to many massive open online courses (MOOCs).

Enrollment falling at for-profit colleges: Apollo Group Inc., the University of Phoenix’s parent company, will shutter roughly half its physical locations, though current students will be able to continue in their programs. The company couched the move in terms of growing interest from students taking online courses, and emphasized just 4 percent of students were affected.

House cracks down on for-profit recruiters targeting GI Bill benefits: The U.S. House of Representatives responded to military veterans’ scathing criticism of for-profit colleges last week and passed legislation that will prevent schools that accept GI Bill benefits from paying commission to recruiters.

Report blasts shortcomings of for-profit colleges: For-profit colleges are failing their students and saddling taxpayers with an enormous bill, a two-year investigation by the Senate education committee’s Democratic staff concluded.

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