At best, online students must work together to take action and make changes to outdated school funding formulas and lack of a fee waiver process, which create inequities between affluent and poor communities.

Despite the unsupported fee charges, I have to move on and borrow the funds to complete a bachelor’s degree. My dream of a master’s degree is completely cancelled as I do not have employment guaranteed to pay loans back in this world of unemployment.

The overall cuts in higher education funding have severely cut the right to an education desperately needed in the United States.

The cuts will soon eliminate America’s founding belief that only an educated citizenry can preserve democracy and safeguard individual liberty and freedom.

Celia Perez is an adult, a single parent, an employee, and someone with ambition to get a get a bachelor’s and, eventually, a graduate degree. Seeing online education as an affordable option, she became frustrated with many of the fees she is expected to pay.

This post originally appeared on WCET Frontiers. WCET accelerates the adoption of effective practices and policies, advancing excellence in technology-enhanced teaching and learning in higher education.

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