Memory technology enhances MOOCs

Although many open-enrollment courses face high dropout rates, UT professors hope memory-management software that checks retention rates and interacts with students will make a new online class more engaging for interested students, The Daily Texan reports.

Massive open online courses, commonly known as MOOCs, are free online courses accessible to the public. The UT System offers MOOCs through edX, a nonprofit distributor of interactive online courses. In 2012, the UT System Board of Regents approved a $10 million investment in edX, and the System’s first four MOOCs cost upward of $150,000 each.

… Leslie Hall, project manager at UT’s Center for Teaching and Learning, said memory management software Cerego adjusts review times to maximize a student’s information retention. Newly offered UT MOOC Jazz Appreciation will use Cerego technology.

“Cerego is designed to help the information truly sink in by letting students practice their knowledge and skills in short, frequent intervals,” Hall said.

Jazz professor Jeff Hellmer, an instructor for the Jazz Appreciation MOOC, said his course differs from other MOOCs because the combination of edX and Cerego allows students a more individualized experience.

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