Adapt Courseware Releases Foundations of Reading and Writing Curriculum

Rochester, NY – January 27, 2014 – Adapt Courseware, the provider of comprehensive adaptive multimedia that individualizes each student’s learning experience, has released Foundations of Reading and Writing, providing interactive, developmental curriculum where students can achieve the basic skills needed for college-level English. Adapt Courseware’s competency-based learning approach appropriately tailors content and activities so each student can learn in the most effective and efficient way possible.

“Research tells us that as many as 40 percent of first-time college students enroll in at least one remedial course,” said Dr. John Boersma, CEO of Adapt Courseware and a former university faculty member. “Yet, most online courses do very little to motivate these students and address their unique learning situations and styles. Personalized, visual, active content that adapts to students’ own knowledge and aptitude can not only help them gain the necessary skills and competencies, but also give them the confidence that they can succeed.”

College preparedness is a major challenge facing educators today. In 2013, less than half of the students who took the ACT exam met the college readiness benchmarks in Reading, and only a quarter of students demonstrated proficiency across all four subjects of English, Reading, Math and Science.

Boersma continued, “Too many students are underprepared when it comes to higher education basic skills expectations. Based on our studies with colleges and universities, we know that adaptive multimedia supports the kind of productive and engaging education environment these students need to learn and progress.

“We are seeing demand from innovative institutions of higher learning that want to take on the college readiness challenge with modern, adaptive multimedia methods. It requires a change in the way they approach this key issue, yet the upside potential to better support students is tremendous.”

Foundations of Reading and Writing is delivered in an interactive, adaptive model whereby students have the opportunity to practice critical thinking, analyze readings, and apply essay writing strategies. Students will learn the fundamentals of reading comprehension, writing, vocabulary development, and grammar and mechanics, which are cornerstones for success across a variety of academic and professional disciplines.

Adapt Courseware is also getting ready to release Intermediate Algebra this Spring. This developmental course provides a basis for college-level Algebra and is designed to prepare students for all math classes, from Statistics to Accounting.

About Adapt Courseware
Adapt Courseware’s adaptive multimedia individualizes the learning experience for each student based on academic abilities and needs. The company offers complete, customizable, adaptive learning resources that combine motivational learning approaches with advanced multimedia techniques to help students achieve mastery learning. With Adapt Courseware, colleges and universities can realize measurable learning outcomes, increased student retention, and higher student satisfaction.

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