10 small colleges with the best social media presence

Here’s a rundown of 10 small colleges with the best social media presence, as ranked by studentadvisor.com.

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1) Lynn University: “Lynn U goes beyond the blog to Student Storytellers. Follow real students telling their honest, unfiltered stories via their own social media accounts.”

2) Smith College: “Smith College loves Facebook. Their Social Network Directory lists nearly 100 Facebook pages!”

3) Drake University: Celebrate Drake 2013 kicks off the school year with a new tradition: a color fight! Students created a YouTube video and are organizing social media activities including an Instagram and Vine challenge.”

4) Northwest Missouri State University: “Northwest’s awesome Pinterest page has boards ranging from recipes to dorm room style—a must follow for any current or potential Bearcat.”

5) Rhode Island School of Design: “With its own Etsy site, RISD students and alumni can go direct to market with their talents, selling original ceramics, paintings, textiles, jewelry, and clothing.”

eCampus News Staff