DisplayNote and TouchIT: New Touch Screen and Tablet Collaboration Launches in Higher Ed

DisplayNote Technologies is pleased to announce its partnership with TouchIT Technologies. The developers of DisplayNote collaborative software have partnered with TouchIT Technologies to launch TouchIT Notes.

TouchIT Notes, powered by DisplayNote, will be provided with all TouchIT LED Duo display products. Each product comes with a TouchIT Notes presenter license, giving the presenter tools to deliver engaging presentations, annotate and collaborate from the LED or a tablet device. The free DisplayNote app allows the presenter to control the presentation remotely from their iPad or Android device, giving them freedom to move around the room. They can also share the display direct to the device of a student and have students share their work from their own device across the whole group and back to the display. This creates a fully interactive solution which is ideal for the classrooms, lecture theaters and boardrooms of the future.

Andi Brabin, CEO at TouchIT Technologies says; “We are very happy to announce our partnership with DisplayNote. The launch of TouchIT Notes will allow lecturers to collaborate with students on iPads, Androids and computers. We have included a presenter license as standard with these display products.”

Paul Brown, CEO at DisplayNote Technologies says; “We are very excited about this new partnership. The team at TouchIT are great to work with and are as enthused as we are about getting people to collaborate on any content.

A study with the University of Colorado showed at least 10% increased test results for 4th graders using DisplayNote. We want to help replicate this improvement in learning for our higher education partners.”