4 big data predictions that won’t happen in 2014 — and 1 that will

Executives, analysts, and, yes, writers have been spilling out predictions for big data this year, but some of them seem a bit outlandish. Just to be sure we weren’t crazy, VentureBeat checked in with Pete Skomoroch, former principal data scientist at LinkedIn.

Skomoroch confirmed our suspicions and added a few anti-predictions of his own. Here they are:

  • No, not every company will hire a chief data officer. Last week Brad Peters, chief executive of business-intelligence startup Birst, argued that the position’s “time to shine has finally come.” Skomoroch doesn’t think the adoption of the CDO title will be widespread this year. But even if some companies do decide to fill the position this year, Skomoroch wonders just what difference such a move would make. If a CDO reports to the company’s chief executive, perhaps the company could have an impact. “If you’re buried in, like, a side unit, it’s not clear that you’re set up for success,” he said.

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