3 accused in FIU cheating scandal

Two students and one alumnus at Florida International University have been accused of a scheme that involved hacking into a professor’s computer, stealing a pivotal test and distributing copies to students willing to pay $150 a pop, officials said, the Sun Sentinel reports.

The case, which resulted in three arrests on felony charges, is the latest of several high-profile cheating allegations at state universities in recent years.

Police say Alex Fabian Anaya, 30, an FIU alumnus, logged into a professor’s email account in 2012 to access four test exams, and then organized a distribution system where he was paid up to $150 per person for a copy of the stolen exam. Police equated the alleged crime to breaking into someone’s house and stealing their property. Anaya was charged with dealing in stolen property, felony theft and burglary of an unoccupied structure.

Two current students, Krissy Alexandra Lamadrid, 24, and Jason Anthony Calderon, 24, were charged with dealing in stolen property. Police say they sold exams to other students. Anaya and Lamadrid couldn’t be reached for comment, while Calderon declined comment.

Anaya “stated that he was well aware that his actions were illegal,” according to the FIU police report. Lamadrid and Calderon said they knew the exams were stolen, according to the police report.

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