Online education spikes in the UAE

Fears of losing a constant career, income and not fulfilling life responsibilities are prompting some people to undertake postgraduate studies online, Gulf News has learned.

“I did not want to sacrifice my time, income and profession. Therefore, I undertook my master’s degree online as an investment in my future that could open up a whole new world of opportunities, help me in my current work and broaden my knowledge and thinking abilities,” Joseph Salameh, 44, Lebanese father of two children, said.

Salameh, who has been working in the UAE for the past 12 years as a project manager, was granted a master of science in project management from the University of Liverpool in the UK following three years of hard work.

… What is fuelling the growing demand for online education in the UAE?

“One cannot escape the fact that the rapid explosions in information and technology have fuelled drastic changes in all socio-economic spheres; education has not been immune to this impact of what it together known as globalisation,” Saeed Faiq, professor of intercultural studies and translation at the American University of Sharjah, told Gulf News.

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