In 5 years, schools, medical systems, stores will know all about you, says IBM

It’s that time of year again. IBM Research has come up with its annual 5 in 5 list of technologies that it expects to go mainstream within five years, Gigaom reports.

This year’s predictions, culled from IBM Research’s brain trust, are all about things that learn and adapt from their learnings — a timely theme given the explosion of data coming about as the internet of things gains traction. What good are all those sensors and all that data if you can’t apply them to make everyday systems smarter and more adaptive?

For example, IBM researchers predict that cloud-based cognitive systems that will take data harvested from MOOCs (massive open online courses, like Coursera and EdX) and other sources so that the classroom or coursework adapts to a child’s way of learning as opposed to forcing the child to adapt to the classroom.

These systems, according to IBM, would create “longitudinal student records” so teachers will know a give child’s problem areas and strengths and to tailor coursework to that child.

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