Confessions of a MOOC reviewer

To be honest, the content and delivery of the courses were such that I would be happy to see these elements in more courses that we review.

Some will say that MOOCs are the ‘death” of teaching as we know it, some say they are going to ‘transform’ education.  Maybe. Maybe not. Those are questions that have yet to be determined.

In reviewing these courses, I saw an online course that gave students the opportunity to learn content in an engaging manner.  The downside was the limited student interaction with faculty. Perhaps the answer for faculty, as has been discussed many other places (i.e., George Mehaffy’s Red Balloon Project) is something in between.

As a faculty member, I’m waiting to see what the student learning data tell us.  For me, the proof is in the pudding.

Dr. Elizabeth Allan is an Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Central Oklahoma and the Coordinator of the Secondary Science Education Program. She serves as the Director of the Central Oklahoma Science Fair. Dr. Allan has developed and taught online, blended, and face-to-face courses in both Biology and Science Teaching Methodology. 

This post originally appeared on WCET Frontiers. WCET accelerates the adoption of effective practices and policies, advancing excellence in technology-enhanced teaching and learning in higher education.