From a student perspective, basic application information is automatically saved in the online system, so the student does not have to re-enter their information for each school they apply to within the system. For the admissions office, the student data is downloaded directly into our student information system, so that we are able to quickly process that application and review the data as elements provided by the application.

CollegeNET’s system allows multiple reviewers online access and provides a simple, streamlined interface that facilitates the reading and evaluating of applications anytime, anywhere.

As we move further and further into the digital age, it’s important that the technologies we use can keep up – both from a student perspective and for our ease of use. For that reason, a customizable online admissions platform is a must, as it allows us to add and tweak features and functions as we need them.

Online admissions companies like CollegeNET are constantly upgrading and providing new services, staying ahead of the technology curve. One great example of this is when they helped JMU build an online portal in order to be able to post student admission decisions electronically.

Starting in 2009, incoming freshmen at JMU were able to get their admission decisions online – no more decision letters to fold, fluff, and stuff in the mail. In fact, our applicants are so technologically savvy they expect immediate notification of their application status and prefer online self-service access to their information.

Long gone are the days when we received a manila envelope in the mail that contained an applicant’s high school transcripts, standardized test results and letters of recommendation.

Honestly, I can’t say I miss them.

Joe Manning is the associate dean of admissions at James Madison University, located in Harrisonburg, Virginia. He manages the application process with his colleagues at JMU to ensure every application is complete and reviewed for admission. Joe represents the admissions community in several professional associations including the annual CollegeNET User Conference and the PeopleSoft/Oracle Admissions Product Advisory Group.

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