Mobile study guides crowd-source cram sessions

It’s not uncommon, as final exams approach, for college classmates to pool their notes into study guides. With a new online service, that pool could be made up of more than 4 million students.

The best study guides ‘bubble to the top.’

These “Study Guides” are a new product from StudyBlue, a mobile learning platform that launched in 2010.

StudyBlue provides students with a “Digital Backpack” to store, share, and compare course materials such as notes, flashcards, and syllabi.

The StudyBlue Study Guides takes all of this material from an individual course and aggregates it into one easy-to-navigate package.

“With 4 million students and 175 million pieces of content, we were seeing a network effect happening,” said Chris Klundt, founder of StudyBlue. “Students input their classes into the system with their classmates, create this content, and we can put it all together in a study guide, ordering it by quality and popularity.”

The crowd-sourced study guide can then be updated in real-time throughout the semester, with “push notifications” alerting students when the guide has fresh content.

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