Cornell launches online executive training program

Bad leadership is like the proverbial iceberg that sunk the Titanic — it doesn’t matter how strong the ship is if it’s being steered into disaster, Venture Beat reports.

Cornell University announced the launch of an online corporate training program called Redshift that aims to make high quality executive education more affordable and practical for businesses of all sizes. Redshift falls under the umbrella of eCornell, a subsidiary of the university that provides online certification programs for professional and executive development.

“A big issue is that two out of every three leadership and management positions in America are hired from the outside instead of hiring people from within,” said eCornell’s CEO Chris Proulx in an interview with VentureBeat. “This is a huge strain on productivity, but the solutions for developing talent internally come from two camps — high-end, cost-prohibitive options that don’t scale, or cheaper options that don’t have the impact to be effective.”

Redshift is a subscription-based educational program that offers MBA-level online courses from Cornell, real-world projects, and individual access to mentors and advisers to ask questions and get feedback.

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