Online platform connects college prospects with mentors

The transition from high school to college can be a culture shock for students. That’s even more so for international students.

Many students struggle with the transition from high school to college.

An online mentoring platform is aiming to help students get a more accurate picture of the place they’ll call home before they even step foot on campus.

The platform, called Fresh Mentors, pairs college-bound teenagers with high-achieving students at their dream schools. It was created and launched about a year ago by two recent Stanford University graduates.

“It gives you access to network of students who can provide info to any question,” Natasha Jain, co-founder of Fresh Mentor, said. “Finances, housing, meal plans. It’s having a buddy at the college who can answer your questions.”

Jain said the idea for the platform came from her own confusion upon arriving at college.

Brochures and advisers had prepared her for some of the tangible, easily advertised aspects of college, but she still felt like she was drowning in the new experience.

Was she choosing the right major? Where were the best places to study? What if she didn’t like her roommate?

Fresh Mentors is a place to ask those questions.

See page 2 for details on how much each interactions costs…

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