California C6 Consortium Partners, McCann Associates Present Next Generation of Adaptive Assessment for Higher Education at California Community Colleges Conference

The C6 Consortium (Central California Community Colleges Committed to Change), together with McCann Associates, will present the Next Generation of Computer Adaptive Assessment for Higher Education at the upcoming Community College League of California Conference. The presentation will take place on Saturday, November 23 at 8:30am PST.

McCann Associates, the nation’s leader in developing adaptive assessment and intervention for students is developing one of the country’s most technologically-advanced CAT (Computer-Adaptive Test) for the C6 Consortium, which is tailored to align with California Community College Readiness standards and accurately place students across a variety of disciplines including mathematics, reading, writing, and ESL writing.

The placement and diagnostic testing services will be delivered via College Success™, McCann’s proprietary comprehensive placement and diagnostic assessment platform that uses advanced computer-adaptive testing (CAT), Linear Diagnostics and Automated Essay Scoring (AES) technology to establish course placement and diagnose areas of improvement for each of its students. The new assessments will be discussed at the Community College League of California Conference.

“We’ve utilized our artificial intelligence to develop the most advanced assessment and intervention platforms in the country,” reports McCann Associates Vice President Scott Kramer,

“The assessments we deliver for the C6 Consortium will enable them to measure student learning more accurately in order refine and streamline placement, ultimately leading to better retention. By identifying a student’s individual skill sets prior to the beginning of their first semester, users will be able to immediately provide educational resources to prepare students to significantly improve their chances of college success. ”

For more information on McCann’s adaptive assessment and intervention technologies for Higher Education and K-12, please contact Scott Kramer at or