Events on campus yield big data with new mobile app

So far, Stanford is primarily using the platform for events related to career services and to create “career communities” at the university.

As Campus Quad bills itself as a platform that fosters “digital communities,” Dey said the app seemed like a perfect fit.

Career counselors are creating events and meetups to get like-minded students networking and connecting with one another. Students and campus leaders use the platform’s photo application to document and share parts of events across social media.

All the while, Dey is able to keep track of how successful, or unsuccessful, these events are by monitoring the data pouring into a specialized dashboard on his computer and phone.

“The data has been tremendous,” he said. “We’re able to look at engagement, all sorts of analytics. We can see what’s happening in photos and through comments that show the popularity of certain meetups.”

The university is still in the early stages of piloting the platform, but Dey said that, over time, he envisions the majority of students on campus utilizing the app, increasing the amount of data and insights campus leaders could learn.

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