Datamark’s New Attribution Analytics Provide Greater Visibility into Marketing Channel Effectiveness

Solution Helps Schools Better Understand Media Mix and Target Marketing Budgets

Salt Lake City, UT – November 4, 2013 – Datamark, the leader in data-driven enrollment marketing, has launched its new attribution solution, which is designed to help colleges and universities measure the impact of their marketing campaigns and optimize media buys so they can increase enrollments. Datamark’s attribution technology tracks and attributes results at every touch point along the inquiry funnel so that schools better understand which channels have the biggest impact with prospective students.

“We see a lot of marketers struggle with the last-click-wins model whereby 100 percent of the credit is given to the marketing channel that ultimately drives a prospect to inquire – they simply don’t have the resources or technology in place to gauge the impact of each channel the student encounters along the way,” said Steve Winchester, Vice President of Solutions and Marketing at Datamark.. “With our attribution analytics, schools can rely on data to tell them exactly which campaigns resonate with students, as well as how the various channels work together, so they know where to allocate their marketing dollars.”

Winchester continued, “Exposure to each media channel can influence prospective students in different ways. For example, our clients have seen a spike in their search traffic as a result of direct mail campaigns. With the help of attribution tracking we were able to dig a little deeper and discovered that some 60 percent of direct mail inquiries now come through other sources such as search and direct-to-site visits.”

Datamark’s attribution solution collects data as prospective students visit schools’ websites and respond to their offline and digital marketing, including direct mail, banner advertisements, email campaigns, and search listings. Through analysis and reporting, Datamark tracks and manages the overall effectiveness of each component of a school’s media mix, and also makes recommendations on campaign development, channel allocation and optimization, and media spending.

Datamark is presenting a webinar this week on attribution marketing, which is being hosted by Today’s Campus. Registration is open for the free event taking place on Wednesday, November 6th from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. eastern time.

About Datamark

Founded in 1987, Datamark is a leading provider of student marketing, enrollment and learning solutions to the education industry. Focusing on performance and visibility into the student enrollment cycle, Datamark helps schools drive higher returns on their marketing investment. Best-in-class solutions include full-service digital and direct marketing and management, dynamic on-demand relationship marketing, customized CRM designed exclusively for the education market, enrollment management, and student retention. The company also offers Helix, a competency-based online learning platform recognized by EDUCAUSE and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as a Breakthrough Model in higher education.

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