“Ensuring the accessibility of quality educational content, regardless of a person’s location or native language, is at the core of our mission,” Coursera co-founder and co-CEO Andrew Ng said at the time.

Whether Facebook has actually entered any kind of discussions with MOOC platforms remains unclear, but the company has a history of pairing social media and education.

The social network last year introduced “Groups for Schools,” Facebook pages that are only accessible for users with official “.edu” eMail addresses.

On the pages, students can share files like lecture notes and communicate with other group members even if they are not Facebook friends. In some ways, the pages hearken back to Facebook’s origins in 2004, when it was accessible only to those with .edu eMail addresses.

Facebook also already acts as a publicity and recruitment platform for many universities, a role some colleges say they envision MOOCs playing.

The website has more than 1 billion active users in at least 60 countries, with three-quarters of those users living outside of the United States.

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