Five ways to save money on campus IT

Here are five money saving ideas from colleges and universities nationwide

Virtualizing servers and sharing IT services are among the many ways that campus IT departments are saving money.

Virtualizing desktops and servers, moving to energy-efficient technologies, and sharing IT services across institutions are among the many ways that campus IT departments nationwide are saving money.

In this special roundup, we’ve pulled together five examples of how colleges and universities are saving money on technology. To learn more about each example, just click on the headline.

Program takes eWaste off universities’ hands, replaces it with cash

College campuses, with their abundance of printers, computers, and tech savvy students, can be one of the main sources of this waste. Now FundingFactory, a recycling program for schools and nonprofits, has created a new initiative targeting universities’ recycling habits, paying universities for their recyclable eWaste…

ASU, Canon work to create a more sustainable campus

Seven years into a system-wide sustainability initiative, Arizona State University is on track to become completely carbon neutral by the year 2025. And it’s not just the campus environment that’s being saved — the university has reduced costs by $2 million a year…

How ASU is saving $2 million a year by moving to a sustainable digital model

Join us for an informative webinar on Nov. 5 at 2 p.m. ET, in which eCampus News Managing Editor Denny Carter will lead a discussion with ASU’s Sam Wheeler and Canon’s Dennis Amorosano as they reveal the keys to the university’s success. To learn more or register, click here.

‘Community source’ project helps colleges tackle enterprise systems

Large, commercial enterprise systems that handle functions such as campus finances and human resources are notorious for being costly, inflexible, and often hard to manage. That’s why a small but growing number of institutions are turning instead to open-source alternatives developed collaboratively “by universities, for universities” through the nonprofit Kuali Foundation

Virtualization taking root on campus

Virtualization technology is taking hold in higher education, helping colleges reallocate existing resources to save space, time, energy, and money—while often extending the life of older computers…

Sharing IT services saves millions for Oklahoma universities

Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma have collaborated to generate $3.7 million in cost efficiencies as a result of a commitment by their presidents to share campus technology services…

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