Pullman School District Implements Tools4ever’s Identity and Access Management Solutions to Automatically Provision Student and Staff Accounts

SEATTLE, Wash. — Oct. 25, 2013 –Tools4ever, the international market leader in identity and access management solutions, announced today that Pullman School District has implemented User Management Resource Administrator (UMRA) to automate its account management and drastically reduce the amount of time the IT department spends on creating accounts.

Pullman School District consists of three elementary schools, a middle school and a high school.

The district’s staff had been spending between 10 and 15 minutes creating accounts for each staff member and student, which was extremely inefficient. In addition, the district did not have guidelines for provisioning user accounts, naming them or cleaning them up.

Tools4ever’s UMRA allows the IT department to enter all staff and student accounts into the Skyward information system then automatically provisions the accounts in Active Directory, Google Apps and Microsoft Exchange. UMRA also automates other processes, such as creating groups in Active Directory based on current class rosters in the district, and assigning membership to the correct groups for students and staff based upon their enrollment.

Jacob Bergman, systems administrator at Pullman School District said, “I could spend entire days’ worth of time provisioning accounts whereas now it’s done by UMRA in seconds. Overall, UMRA allows us not to have to worry about accounts and I can spend more time on important duties that actually require my time, rather than mundane tasks that UMRA now automates.”

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About Pullman School District
The Pullman School District serves the city of Pullman and the surrounding agricultural areas and communities. Together, the community and the district provide each student with opportunities to learn and grow as the school fosters high academic progress and achievement for learners with diverse learning needs and capabilities. The quality of the Pullman schools, its students and the various employees who support each other in their work are a source of pride for the entire community.

About Tools4ever
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