Technology ‘epicenter’ to serve as ed-tech hub

“King already has several hundred students in online programs. This facility is going to be used to not only enhance online learning but is also going to be used to strengthen the opportunities for on-ground learning for our traditional programs and our graduate and professional studies programs,” Jordan said.

The facility’s signature area is a one-button recording studio where instructors can push a single button and make a video recording of lectures while incorporating other technology. The center includes five classrooms to utilize high-tech teaching technology such as SMART boards, iPads, teleconferencing and interactive media.

Six employees have been hired to manage the new effort, according to LeAnn Hughes, vice president of marketing and special assistant to the president.

“They [staff] interact with the faculty on how can you engage this class and put it online in a way that is three-dimensional; it’s not just flat and just documents. It has media and interactive components to it,” Hughes said. “They’re writing those courses now. We’ll also use technology and furniture and treat it as a laboratory to see how students engage in learning in a 21 st century environment.”

The facility will also be available to school systems across the region, Jordan said during the announcement.