Have you noticed the new hashtags in our tweets about the latest technology news and innovation in education?


We’re using hashtags to let you more easily join us in the conversation.

There are two ways to participate: First, if you want to share your thoughts on Twitter about a Top News story just tag your tweet with the hashtag #eCNTopNews.

Readers are encouraged to join the conversation with the #eCN hashtag to share ideas and collaborate.

Secondly, eCampus News will now use the hashtag #eCN on Twitter followed by relevant core ed-tech topics. For instance, if there is a story about MOOCs, eCampus News will tweet out the post with the hashtag #eCNMOOCs.

New: Humanities courses among most popular Coursera MOOCs http://t.co/UOg4nrH2qU #Moocs #eCNMOOCs

— Michael Sharnoff (@Michael_eSM) October 25, 2013

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