Symplicity Unveils New Features in Enterprise Student Support Services and Early Alert System

ARLINGTON, Va., Oct. 22, 2013 — Symplicity, a leading provider of cloud-based solutions for higher education, today announced the fall update of Insight, an enterprise student support services and early alert solution that enables institutions to identify and track at-risk students, streamline appointment management, pinpoint predictive factors, and promote student retention and success with a full suite of student CRM tools.

Scalable to the needs of academic advising and counseling offices, athletic advising offices can also successfully utilize Insight to streamline advising tasks and increase student-athlete engagement and retention rates.

Among the major features released in the update is the new student study hall view, which enables students and advisors to see a chart breakdown of study hall requirements, allowing students to successfully keep track of their required hours.

Symplicity also introduced several new features to Insight’s Early Alert module, the CARE Network, which allows instructors, counselors, and advisors to more easily identify and more effectively address students of concern. The new updates will provide faculty with increased tracking and better student communication capabilities, as well as improved counselor/advisor notification tools so that progress reports and all other early alerts reported can be more efficiently routed, acted upon, and resolved.

Other new enhancements to the system include enhanced location integration for all appointments, allowing staff to better accommodate multiple office locations, as well as the addition of mail merge fields so that students will know their advising appointment details.

“Helping students achieve academic success is at the forefront of every institution’s mission,” said Ariel Friedler, president of Symplicity. “We’re constantly working on new and innovative features to enhance Insight as the leading student support services and early alert system for both advisors and students.”

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About Insight
Insight is a web-based student support services and early intervention solution that enhances student engagement and retention efforts. Scalable to support the needs of multiple offices campus-wide or the unique needs of individual offices (academic advising, student-athlete advising, tutoring, counseling), Insight provides efficient risk management case workflows and communication plans to engage, track, and retain students. Insight offers students, instructors, and academic support staff an array of next-generation appointment management, reporting, assessment, event management, engagement/communication, and tracking tools.

About Symplicity
Symplicity is a market leader in enterprise technology and information systems management for higher education, government, and businesses. Symplicity is committed to providing its clients with innovative solutions and services that enable them to streamline business processes, improve performance, and cultivate positive relationships with their students, customers, and communities.

Symplicity offers a comprehensive suite of products for admissions, career services, student conduct, behavioral intervention, alumni engagement, housing & residence life, and campus activities offices. Now reaching tens of millions of students worldwide, Symplicity is the leading provider of student affairs solutions in higher education.

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