Key campus technology challenges ‘no longer about IT’

2013 Campus Computing Project survey reveals shifting higher-education technology needs, priorities

The technology itself is “the easy part” of campus IT leaders’ jobs, Green said.

The top challenges facing campus technology leaders today “are no longer about IT,” Casey Green, founding director of The Campus Computing Project, told attendees of the 2013 EDUCAUSE conference in Anaheim, Calif., Oct. 17.

Instead, the top challenges for campus technology leaders include supporting faculty and students, and communicating technology’s effectiveness to presidents and provosts.

The technology itself is “the easy part” of campus IT leaders’ jobs, Green said. He added: “Technology is almost linear by comparison” to all of the other demands that campus IT leaders face, such as managing people, policies, priorities, and egos.

Green was speaking at a session in which he unveiled the 2013 results from his annual survey of higher-education technology leaders.

According to this year’s survey, helping faculty integrate technology into instruction was the top campus IT priority for the next two to three years, followed by hiring and retaining qualified IT staff, providing adequate user support, and leveraging IT for student success.

These priorities are largely service-based tasks, Green noted. Actual IT tasks appeared lower on the list of priorities for campus technology chiefs: upgrading the campus network ranked 11th, migrating systems to the cloud ranked 13th, and replacing or upgrading ERP systems ranked 15th.

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