Computing on campus: An ‘accidental revolution’?

“Plans without sustainable budgets are just wishes,” he said.

Planning and budgeting can be difficult as it is “intensely political,” said Theresa Rowe, Vice President and CIO at Oakland University. But there’s another difficulty: so much of what must be planned for arises from unplanned developments.

“Things sneak and creep into the environment,” Rowe said. “Those are unintentional plans that we have to react to.”

She offered up email addresses as an example.

When they first were adopted on college campuses, email addresses were handed out only to IT employees. Then, they “creeped out” to faculty members who were friendly with the IT department.

Next, they creeped out to those who could demonstrate a need for one. Finally, after several years, everyone had an email address.

And this happens over and over again with technology, Rowe said.

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