Silicon Valley will be home to University of New Haven’s ‘Big Data’ degree

We’re in the era of Big Data, living among Makers.

It’s truly a sign that a revolution is taking place when a university offers a curriculum that recognizes that we’re being flooded with information and that the inventors of today are doing their thing, each in a completely unique way, the New Haven Register reports.

The students of the just-announced New Engineering University, which will be affiliated with the University of New Haven, will be in the vanguard when it comes to earning academic degrees in such subjects, partnering with private industry to create engineers for a new epoch.

Big Data — if you haven’t heard about it, you will, and whether you do or not, if you have a computer or a smartphone, you’re already immersed. “Basically it’s a term that’s being used quite extensively,” said Dean Ronald Harichandran of UNH’s Tagliatela College of Engineering. “We are basically flooded with data from every source.”

NEU, based in Silicon Valley, will offer a one-year master’s of engineering in Big Data, beginning in early 2014.

“The challenge is what to make of this data … how to glean information from this data,” Harichandran said. The degree will teach engineers “to deal with Big Data and extract information that is useful for running a business for improving productivity, selling goods, whatever.”

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