Faculty observe changes in university technology, campus culture during past 50 years

Fifty years ago, if students wanted to go to watch a basketball game, instead of crossing Lincoln Way to Hilton Coliseum, they would head the opposite direction, to the Armory, the Iowa State Daily reports.

This is just one of many ways Iowa State has transformed during the past 50 years.

Francis Laabs, an ISU employee since 1966, said he especially noticed the technological advances and campus expansion during his nearly 50 years at Iowa State.

Hired as a storekeeper with ISU Printing and Copy Services in 1963, Gary Honeick has witnessed skyrocketing student enrollment, faculty additions and building relocation during his half-century stay at the university.

When Honeick arrived at Iowa State, basketball played in the Armory; the football team played near where State Gym is now; CyRide didn’t exist; nearly everybody went to the Memorial Union for a cafeteria style meal; and the Veterinary Medicine building was not so far away from Central Campus.

In addition to building relocations, Honeick said one of the greatest changes in the university he has noticed is the technology usage.

“When I first started in 1963, [Snedecor Hall] was wall to wall computers. Computers took up rooms, floor to ceiling. And now [everything] is as big as your hand,” Honeick said. “It’s amazing how computers and desktops have changed.”

… Laabs worked with the centralized computing in Snedecor Hall where the process for a batch was a multi-step and multi-day process.

“For complex jobs, it would probably take about a week,” Laabs said. “Now, you could probably do the same thing in a few hours.”

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