Campus technology unable to withstand internet crashes

Computers and the internet are crucial to the daily lives of college students. At UNA, this is no exception. Students use technology to complete their homework, connect with their friends and listen to their favorite music, The Flor-Ala reports.

James Jerkins, professor of computer science, said that, considering how heavily students rely on technology, one concern is that UNA’s computer system could not withstand an attempt of a cyber-attack.

“I don’t believe any system exists that is able to withstand a targeted attack,” Jerkins said. “When you talk about securing systems against any type of malicious activity, what you’re really talking about is risk. So, I don’t think it makes sense for the university to spend massive amounts of money in order to protect those systems from a sufficiently skilled adversary.”

Jerkins said modern technology has a huge effect on the way college students communicate.

“I really don’t know many people today who would sit down and make a phone call to talk to somebody,” he said. “Most people send a text or email. So, I think if the internet were to disappear, we’d probably find that there are a number of people who have, all of a sudden, a severe lack of face-to-face social skills.”

UNA student Savannah McKinney agreed that there would be many negative consequences of a university-wide internet crash.

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