Adapt Courseware Collaborates with California Community Colleges to Develop Interactive Student Orientation Course

Steps to Success Helps Colleges Meet Requirements of the Student Success Act

Rochester, NY – October 7, 2013 – Adapt Courseware, the provider of comprehensive adaptive online curriculum resources that individualize each student’s learning experience, has launched Steps to Success, an online, interactive orientation course developed in collaboration with educators from California’s community colleges. The course is designed to help institutions comply with the Student Success Act, which goes into effect next fall. So far, nearly 30,000 students have registered for Steps to Success, which introduces them to key learning strategies, teaches them about essential policies, and connects them to helpful resources.

“Starting out the educational journey with the right information and expectations can make all the difference in how well students adjust to and embrace the learning experience,” said Dr. John Boersma, CEO of Adapt Courseware and a former university faculty member. “Guiding students at critical points between application and assessment can keep them engaged and retained. We are grateful for the expertise and insight of the team we worked with at various institutions to develop this content and believe it sets the foundation for higher completion rates, as well as stronger learning outcomes.”

Steps to Success is a highly informative, engaging, efficient, and cost effective orientation tool for institutions around the country to deliver useful and timely information. Students engage with standard orientation content, as well as local content authored by the school. The course is also branded to each school’s specifications.

“Steps to Success provides students with a convenient and dynamic way to immediately begin their academic experience as active learners,” said Laura Hope, Dean of Instructional Support at Chaffey College. “I haven’t seen another product that offers the opportunity for educators to generate local content and activities that not only engage but inform.”

The online course is delivered using Adapt Courseware’s adaptive learning techniques, which verify and reinforce each student’s mastery of information. Students login at the beginning of their educational path to complete the requirements by watching videos, reading text, and completing multimedia interactives. They also have ongoing access to the course to revisit important information as often as necessary.

Boersma continued, “Feedback we’ve already received from students has been tremendous. They tell us that they have a better grasp of the information, they appreciate the ability to learn in a way that fits their style, and they love the interactivity.”

Adapt Courseware will be featuring Steps to Success at this week’s Strengthening Student Success Conference, which draws community college educators from around California to explore strategies for building institutional effectiveness and supporting students. Adapt Courseware is also exhibiting at the event, which takes October 9th and 10th in San Francisco.

As part of the conference, several community college leaders who were instrumental in the development of Steps to Success, including Hope, will be participating in a panel presentation that will include a discussion on emerging technologies used to establish effective relationships with students. “Charting a New Course: A Collaborative Approach to Developing Effective Student Success Pathways” is scheduled for October 10th at 10:30 a.m.

About Adapt Courseware
Adapt Courseware individualizes the learning experience for each student based on academic abilities and needs. The company offers complete, customizable, adaptive online curriculum resources that combine proven learning science with advanced multimedia techniques to help students achieve mastery learning. With Adapt Courseware, colleges and universities can realize measurable learning outcomes, increased student retention, and higher student satisfaction.

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